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Mobile Redesign: Coffee Meets Bagel App

Individual Project:  Completed for HF761 Mobile Design


Identify heuristics relevant for mobile design based on research, find an app that violates many of those mobile heuristics, and redesign the app with those heuristics in mind.


  • Researched mobile heuristics (Jacob Nielsen, Jared Joyce, and others)

  • Identified 12 mobile heuristics

  • Researched various mobile apps and decided to redesign Coffee Meets Bagel, a dating app that is incredibly confusing due to its difference in design based on gender, its use of icons, and general interaction design.

  • Conducted an expert review on Coffee Meets Bagel, based on 12 heuristics previously identified.  Marked high, medium, and low severity issues.

  • Redesigned app in line with the relevant mobile heuristics.

  • Presented findings


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