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Competitive Analysis (SWOT)- Samsung Smart Fridge

For my HF770 Prototyping Course at Bentley, my team was asked to do a competitive analysis on products that solved or improved the problem we identified, "grocery shopping is difficult for busy people." We divided and conquered on this task, each taking one competitor app or physical product. I completed a competitive analysis of the Samsung Smart Fridge, using a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) method.

The Samsung Fridge is a comprehensive and multi-faceted system to track and manage food. It is unique because it bridges the gap between physical, conventional products and emerging technology.

Competitive Analysis: Samsung Fridge


1. Minimizes cognitive load/improves visability of food system status: The fridge has three built in cameras that take photos every time the door closes. Users can use an app to view these photos from anywhere, so they know what they are missing and what to buy.

2. Interactive, multisensory: The fridge's outside display has a display that plays music